Ranikhet is one of those rare hill stations that gives nature precedence over man. So don’t be surprised when you come face to face with a sign that caution, “Leopards have the right of way”. The deer and bears that hide in the thick of its groves or the birds that soar in its sky. ......


Binsar Wildlife Sanctuary for it is true that most come to Binsar for mountain views and bracing weather, not wildlife. While the unearthly early-morning wake-up is quite usual at game reserves.....


The Naini Lake is the heart-lifting, cheerful yet serene centre of this hill town. Walking around it in the crisp autumn or spring sun is a pleasure. Boating and yachiting on the lake are popular....


Nahan shehr angina, aao din ko lage mahinda! (Nahan is a jewel of a town-come here for a day and you’ll be here a month). This lovely town has rolling hills alive with verdure and birdsong, fragments of the legendary kingdom of Sirmour and the gentle peal of temple bells.


The spectacular Nalagarh Fort, rising on a spur of the Shivaliks, herelds the end of the flats and the onset of the high rises. A royal welcome, one most appropriate for the regal experience here, awaits you.


Chail became accessible to tourists after the Patiala royals handed over the 75- acre palatial estate to the government in 1972. Its chief attraction was stunning place, now the state-run place Hotel.