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Naini Lake

The Naini Lake is the heart-lifting, cheerful yet serene centre of this hill town. Walking around it in the crisp autumn or spring sun is a pleasure. Boating and yachiting on the lake are popular. A rowboat ride costs Rs. 130 Or you can hire a small yacht (Rs. 250 per hour) from the Nainital Boat House Club at the Maidan. You will get a boatman with these, but there are also pedal boats to explore the lake on your won. It’s great fun to understand the technique of yachting from your boatman; you’ll be surprised at the speed. Boating timings 10 am-4 pm.

The take, and the popular Naina Devi Temple on its north end, have a legend behind them. Shiva, distraught with grief at the demise of his consort Sati, danced the tandava with her corpse. Creation teetered on the brink of annihilation, till Vishnu intervened to destroy her body and scatter it all over the country, which stopped Shiva. Sati’s left eye fell her, creating one of the 64 Shaktipeeths, and the Naini Lake sprang forth.

A promenade goes around the entire lake, with benches to sit on and gaze at the water, feeling the breeze. Several shops line the edge of the promenade, where you can browse for shawls, ready-mades, local handicrafts, honey, fruit juices and pickles, knick knacks…..

The Flats (locally called maidan) are a revel area near the temple, built after the landslip of 1880. People gather here for sports tournaments and for recreation in the evenings. There is a band stand, a fountain, a skating rink, and several bazaars, including the Tibetan Market.

Nainital Zoo

The well-maintained Nainital High Altitude Animals Zoo has some rare high-altitude species like the Siberian tiger, steppe eagle and the Himalayan black bea. Although the climb from the parking is a little steep, it’s well worth the wheeze to head up there. Great views of the lake.

Eco Cave Gardens

The relatively new Eco Park with its cave gardens is a great place to introduce kids, or indeed anyone, to a natural ecosphere. The park is well laid out without excessive manicuring. And has musical fountain which operates only in May and June. There are six caves here that will probably not challenge a spelunker, but are still great to scramble through. Don’t attempt them if you are claustrophobic or have young kids with you. Entry fee Adults Rs. 25, children Rs. 10 Camera fee Rs. 25 timings 9.30 am-5.30 pm.

Snow View

An old favourite of holidaymakers, Snow View (7,448 ft), atop Sher-ka-Danda Hill, is reached by an aerial ropeway. The cable car offers photo-ops galore and much happiness for kids. It’s the best way to get here, now that ponies don’t go up anymore. Besides the usual scattering of eateries, there’s also a bumper car ride for kids and fantastic views of the Himalaya. If uncomfortable with the ropeway, a taxi can drop you of at Snow View and you can do the pleasant downhill walk on your way back.

China Peak

The urban legend is that you can see the Great Wall of China from this peak. Well, you certainly can’t. china peak (8,579 ft) does have great views, but of the snow-clad Himalaya and of nainital. One of the stories is that the peak gets its moniker from a sadhu by the name of Cheena who, they say, once lived here. You can either trek here or hire a pony at Mallital or at snow View.

Governor’s House

The Raj Bhawan (1897-99), with gardens spread over 220 acres and over-flowing with deodars, was the summer residence of the governor of the United Provinces. It is now the official residence of the Uttarakhand Governor, and is among the few Raj Bhavans in India to be open to the public. The façade of the two-storeyed building (with 113 rooms) replicates the shape of the British crown. Visitors are allowed only in the grounds, which are great to walk in, and not inside the building. There is also an 18-hole golf course, open to the public for a fee of Rs 200 (kit charges extra). Entry fee Rs. 30 Timings 11 am-5 pm.

Tiffin top or Dorothy’s seat

The Tiffin Top Peak (7,52 ft) on Ayarpatta Hill, reached via a sinding rugged road, commands a fantastic view of the Himalaya. It has a stone picnic perch, built by the husband and admirers of English artist Dorothy Kelley (hence the other name for Tiffin Top), after she died in an airplane crash.


A good trail is along the McDonald’s Circular Road (take the right turn just before Tiffin Top). If you stay reasonably quiet, your chances of spotting the shy barking dear are reasonably good.
The Mall, renamed Govind Ballabh Pant Marg, is the touristy hangout where most holiday-makers congregate to stroll, eat, shop and indulge in video games or billiards. Vehicles are not allowed here in the evenings, especially in May and June.
The Tibetan Market at The Flats has an assortment of woollies, clothes, toys, candles and other bric-a-brac. Check out the Panchachuli store for hand-woven stoles and shawls, and the Fruitage outlet for rhododendron squash, fresh fruit jams, chutneys and the like.
The Bara Bazaar caters more to the needs of the locals, and has the standard shops. Check out Gupta Departmental Store and 4 Season Shop for a good selection of candles, which run the gamut from green-apple scented candles to puppies with expressions moronic and mournful. You’ll also find cane sticks and woodcraft here.

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